Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

The teacher in Class Five is Miss Barrett who is also the Deputy Head Teacher. On Tuesdays, Miss Barrett has to carry out Deputy Headship duties and Mrs Williams then teaches the class. In addition, either Mrs Young or Mrs Robinson work in Class Five as teaching assistants most mornings and Mrs Young works in Class Five on Thursday afternoons when Miss Barrett has PPA time.

In order to ensure your child has the necessary equipment on the correct days, please use the information below. We have an open door policy at Durham Lane and are happy to speak to you briefly before or after school, if we are available. Should you require a longer appointment, please contact the office and this can be arranged for you.


This is extremely important in Class Five as it reinforces work which has been done during the week, allowing the children to practise skills they have been taught.

Parents can help by ensuring that homework tasks are completed on time and that the children are confident with the task in hand. If there are any problems completing homework, parents should write a note on the homework or in the child’s reading record which the teacher will respond to. Homework should generally be handed in on Thursdays and will be marked and returned before new homework is given out on Fridays.

Class Five are given different types of homework during the year. They are sometimes given worksheet type activities, games to play, research projects to complete or writing which needs finishing. If the children are given a project to complete, they are usually given several weeks to do this and it is expected that they will undertake their own research and manage their work themselves with just a little parental involvement. This will help them to become more independent in their learning.

Mental maths:

Each week, on Friday, Class Five have a short mental maths test. This is based on things that they have been learning during the week and also relates to the maths targets that the children have received. Examples of mental maths activities are: times tables and related division facts; converting decimals to fractions or percentages; dividing /multiplying by 10, 100, 1000, recalling prime numbers. The children are given examples which they write into their green mental maths books so that parents can help them to learn the necessary facts.


Class Five will receive weekly spellings on Fridays and they will complete a spelling test on Fridays too. These words are never given out in isolation and will be studied in class so that the children are aware of particular spelling rules/patterns. The children need to practise these spellings AT LEAST TWICE in the week and on different days. They should use the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK method to learn these words as well as using other techniques that they have been taught in school e.g. mnemonics.

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