Freestyling Footballer Visit

We had a real treat at our school when we were visited by John Farnworth, the football freestyler.  We were extremely fortunate as John is normally travelling the world sharing his skills.  He has recently been teaching Neymar and Messi some tricks! Also, he makes guest appearances on “Match of the Day Kickabout.’

Not only is he a footballing trickster, he is also a magician.  He pulled off an amazing card/football trick where his card and Elliot’s card mysteriously swapped places in each other’s shoe as the ball was passed!  The audience, and Elliot, couldn’t believe it!

Take a watch at some of his amazing skills.  Remember, as John said, practice makes perfect!

Thank you to Danny Fowler for organising John’s visit.  For more information on how to attend training sessions with John, visit