Key Stage Two

 Key Stage Two (Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6)

Teaching and Learning at Key Stage Two

There are four classes in Key Stage Two: Class Three (Y3), Class Four (Y4), Class Five (Y5) and Class Six (Y6).

During Key Stage Two, the curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum and is adapted and personalised to meet the needs of our children so that each child reaches their true potential. We aim to keep learning stimulating and enjoyable through offering a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum is delivered in a number of ways through individual, paired and group work. It may be single-subject based or, wherever possible, cross-curricular. We aim to be adaptable in approach so that children learn well. We use ICT where possible, and the local environment, to support our learning and we encourage the children to explore and learn for themselves, as well as from others, in order to become active learners.

Throughout Key Stage Two the children are assessed by their teacher regularly, but the children themselves undertake an active role in the assessment of their own learning. On a daily basis the children have regular opportunities to create and evaluate their ‘success criteria’, so that they can then rectify any misinterpretations, celebrate their success and move their learning forward. The children receive individual Writing Targets on a termly basis which outline what they need to work upon in order to improve. This helps to make them independent learners. We promote high standards through having high expectations and encourage all children to do their very best. Where possible, classes are supported by a teaching assistant who may work with individuals, small groups or the whole class.

At the end of Key Stage Two, the children complete Key Stage Two statutory SATs tests in reading, punctuation, grammar, spelling, writing, and numeracy; the results of these are shared with parents, usually in the July of Y6. Whilst we believe that these tests are important and do give a reflection of their ability, we believe in developing the whole child through the broad and balanced curriculum that we offer. Teacher Assessment results are also reported to parents which give a more thorough assessment of standards achieved throughout the year, rather than just a snap shot.

Homework is set regularly throughout the Key Stage. We believe homework is a vital part of children’s learning as it is used to support the work learned in class and therefore raise achievement. Homework can range from reading, learning spellings and number facts to more extensive research. We appreciate the support parents show towards this aspect of their children’s learning.

Mr Beane is our Key Stage Two Team Leader; he is happy to discuss any queries or concerns which you may have about Key Stage Two.