Pupil Responsibilities

Year 6 Responsibilities

At Durham Lane Primary School, we believe that it is important to nurture a sense of responsibility in all of our pupils, but we feel that our oldest pupils should be given extra responsibilities in order to prepare them for secondary school and to allow them to feel that they are an integral part of the school.


Our Year Six pupils wear a different coloured sweatshirt which allows them to be more easily recognised by the younger pupils. This ensures that they understand the importance of being a role-model and helps them to take on their roles and responsibilities with pride.


The Year Six pupils take on the following roles (under close supervision of staff) around the school at playtimes or lunchtimes:

  • Door monitoring at playtimes to ensure that pupils do not enter the school unless given permission from the staff;
  • Serving on the salad bar at lunchtimes- encouraging pupils to choose healthy food options;
  • Delivering unwanted KS1 fruit to KS2 pupils on the yard at playtimes;
  • Helping teachers in their classrooms at lunchtimes with jobs such as sharpening pencils, tidying up etc.;
  • Playing in the Early Years playground with the younger pupils at lunchtime;
  • Being School Librarians at lunchtime;
  • Delivering the registers in the morning and after lunch;
  • Ringing the bell promptly in the morning;
  • Being Team Captains which allows them to be involved in the monitoring of the behaviour of pupils in their team and reporting any problems to staff.

Y6 helping as classroom monitors.


Y6 salad bar helpers.


Y6 Librarians.


Helping our younger pupils in the playground at lunchtime!


Making sure the younger pupils have a friend to play with.


Sharing books with the Reception class at lunchtime.