At Durham Lane Primary, we believe reading is a quest for meaning which requires the reader to be an active participant. A love of books and reading contributes not just to language and literacy development, but is also of immense personal and social value. We want our pupils to enjoy reading for pleasure as well as using it to acquire knowledge.

In our school, reading is taught through a range of methods including:Providing all children with a stimulating range of fiction and non-fiction texts which includes a range of reading schemes throughout the school;

  • A strong and systematic emphasis on the teaching of phonics and other word level skills;
  • Providing daily opportunities for reading (shared, guided and individual);
  • Teaching children to use a range of strategies to get at the meaning of a text;
  • Reading aloud to children and discussing texts;
  • Providing opportunities to learn about different authors throughout the school;
  • Building up a sight vocabulary from Foundation Stage onwards;
  • Encouraging children to read labels, captions, notices and displays;
  • Encouraging children to become independent and reflective readers who are able to develop their own personal tastes;
  • Teaching higher order reading skills of skimming and scanning to obtain specific information;
  • Teaching inference skills from KS1, using specific inference training techniques;
  • Providing a regular, daily quiet-reading session;
  • Providing an inviting book area in each classroom

Please see the policy below for further information.

Reading Policy 2017-2019