Our Staff

Headteacher  Mrs J A C Ball 
Deputy Headteacher  Miss E Barrett
Class Teacher  Teaching Assistant
Early Years
Nursery Mrs R Guest Mrs R Robinson
Reception Mrs F Khan (EYFS Leader) Miss J Harding
Key Stage 1
Class 1 Mrs A Evans (KS1 Leader and SENCo) Mrs L Spruce
Class 2 Mrs K Jessop
Key Stage 2
Class 3 Miss R Drew Miss Ahmed
Class 4 Miss E Hugill Mrs L Adamson
Class 5 Miss E Barrett (Deputy Headteacher) Mrs C Ennion
Class 6 Mr A Beane (KS2 Leader)
Mrs Williams (One day a week to provide DHT release time, as well as groups and supply cover across school throughout the year)
Mr Sheahan will also be teaching PE across classes throughout the year.  Additional sports coaches will also be working with classes during the year.
Support Staff
Mrs J Glindon School Administrator (Tuesday – Friday)
Mrs L Adamson School Administrator (Monday and afternoons)
Mr J McMillan Caretaker
Mrs C Prosho Cook in Charge
Mrs Nixon Catering Assistant
Mrs A Pattison Catering Assistant
Mrs M Allison Supervisory Assistant
Mrs B Christy Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs K Gehrmann Supervisory Assistant
Miss Marron Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs J Scott Supervisory Assistant