Stockton Book of the Year Competition

Our Year 6s have been involved in the Stockton Children’s Book of the Year scheme this year.  The scheme was to get children reading a specially selected set of books so they could vote for their favourite one and have the chance to write a review on one of the them so they would have the chance to win review of the year. The selected books were Cogheart, The Elephant Thief, Aubrey and The Terrible Ladybirds, Beaky Malone – the World’s Greatest Liar and Shadowsmith. After being introduced to the books, we were given several months to read all of them,or as many as we could, so we could have the chance to vote for the winners. Our class voted on the winner for this school and the winner was ,by a large margin, Beaky Malone the World’s Greatest Liar.

Then we were given a few days to write a review on the book of your choice. Once our class’ winner was chosen, the winner for most consistent effort was picked. A week later, the whole class went to go meet one of the authors. We went to meet Horatio Clare, the author of Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds. He talked to us about his life and some of his adventures. We talked to him for about an hour and asked a lot of questions about his inspiration for the books he had written. Later that day, Isla, who had won the best review, and I, who had won the most consistent effort, went to a ceremony where we got a free book of our choice signed by its author. We got to meet the Mayor of Stockton.  The winning review was announced and the winning book was revealed (Shadowsmith). Overall, the process was fun and rewarding as well as it being great to take part.

By Alexander

The class met Horatio Clare – author of Aubrey and the terrible ladybirds