Useful Information

How to Help Your Child

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Reading skills – a guide for parents

People who help us in our assembly


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The School Day

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School Meals

  • Many of our children eat a cooked school meal each day. Meals are prepared on the premises and offer a choice of both main meals and desserts; a menu is displayed on the hall window for you to view. If your child has special dietary requirements, or you have any concerns, please make contact with the school administrator who will arrange a convenient time to speak with the school cook.
  • All children in Reception, Class 1 and Class 2 will get a free school meal, irrespective of background, earnings etc. Please just complete a dinner money envelope weekly by ticking the days that lunch is required, but send it into school empty. You may continue to send a packed lunch in, but sandwich options are always available as well as the hot meal choices.

At present a school meal costs £2.05 a day (£10.25 week). Payment is sent to school in specially provided envelopes. Except in emergencies, all meals required for the week should be ordered and paid for on Monday mornings. Your co-operation is sought in helping us with this system. Cheques should be made payable to Stockton Borough Council. Please note that school is not responsible for school dinner monies. If you have any queries please send them in to the school office in writing; this will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Parents may, if they wish, send their child with a packed lunch. Please note that in line with our Healthy School’s Policy, children are not permitted to have sweets or nuts in their packed lunch. Water is available for children with packed lunches to drink, but parents may send an alternative in a leak proof container. Please do not send fizzy drinks as these can cause mess and spoil a child’s packed lunch if they explode. We encourage all children to drink from a glass or cup, not a bottle, although you may provide a straw if you prefer.

We ask all children to bring a dinner money envelope each week to tell us what days they will be staying for lunch.

  • Children having packed lunches put a ‘P’ in the appropriate days, seal the envelope and enclose no money.
  • Children who receive free meals tick the appropriate days, seal the envelope and enclose no money.
  • Children who pay for their meals tick the appropriate days and enclose cash or a cheque made payable to Stockton Borough Council.

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