Year 6 – School Closure

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly:

Here is the link for the Leavers’ Assembly at 10:00am on Friday 17th July.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

Meeting ID: 721 1389 6723

Password: Year6

Year 6 Home-School Work 13-07-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work 06-07-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work 29-06-2020

South America Fact File

South American Countries information sheet

Map of South America

Year 6 Home-School Work – 22-06-2020

Year 6 Lesson Presentation Maya Number System 22-06-2020

Year 6 Activity Sheet Larger Maya Numbers 22-06-2020

Year 6 Activity Sheet Maya Number System 22-06-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work-15-06-2020

Year 6 Letter from Mrs Williams 15-06-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work-08-06-2020

Year 6-Maya Gods Fact File 08-06-2020

Important – Letter from Mrs Ball about Year 6’s return to school on 3rd June

Year 6 Information for 3rd June return to school

Year 6 Home-School Work 01-06-2020

Year 6 Letter from Mrs Williams 18-05-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work 18-05-2020

Dangerous Ground Reading Resources

Dangerous Ground Reading Booklet

Dangerous Ground Questions

Dangerous Ground Answers


Year 6 Home-School Work 11-05-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work 04-05-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work 27-04-2020

Year 6 Home-School Work  20-04-2020

Letter from Mrs Williams 20-04-2020

Activities for Year 6 children until Easter:

Click here for the Year 6 letter that was sent home.

Year 6 ‘Zoom’ web chat and quiz – Friday 10th July @ 11:00am

Dear Year 6,

Hope you are all OK.  We are holding another Year 6 online catch-up session and quiz on Friday 10th July at 11:00am.  The session will be hosted on Zoom and ideally you will need two devices (tablet, laptop, phone or computer).  On one of the devices you will need to load up the following link:
Meeting ID: 716 2567 5254​
You will also need to input the following password:

Password: Year6

This will take you into Zoom.  You will need a webcam and microphone.  If you get this ready just before 11:00am on Friday, you’ll be placed in a ‘waiting room’ whilst you wait for the session to start.  You shouldn’t need to create a Zoom account or login if you just use the link above.  You will need to use this link to attend our session as it is unique.

Using Zoom with pupils has been in the media recently, but we are certain that we will be hosting the sessions in a safe and controlled manner.  The following safety measures will be used:

  • You will need a parent / responsible adult to appear with you when you first start the session to confirm permission.  Once I’ve seen the adult and let you into the session, they are free to leave or stay to listen/watch and help you with the quiz if you like!
  • All children will be ‘muted’ on entry into the session to help with the organisation.  It’s hard enough keeping some of you quiet in a classroom, never mind in a video chat session!  Once the session is up and running and a few classroom rules have been established you’ll be ‘unmuted’.
  • Please ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the session (school uniform optional).
  • There will be myself (Mr Beane) and either Mrs Ball or Miss Barrett in the session too

Hopefully, everything will work well and it’ll be great to have a chat and take part in a fun quiz.  Please spread the word amongst Year 6 so that every pupil knows about it.  If you can’t make it on Friday, don’t worry as hopefully these will become a weekly session if it works well.

Keep safe, stay indoors and hopefully see you on Friday at 11:00am.

Mr Beane