Key Stage One

Key Stage One (Y1 and Y2)

Teaching and Learning at Key Stage One

There are two classes in Key Stage One: Class One (Y1 pupils) and Class Two (Y2 pupils).


During Key Stage One, we aim to keep learning fun whilst providing the children with all the necessary knowledge and skills. Where possible, classes are supported by teaching assistants who may work with individuals, small groups or the whole class.


We try to teach most subjects through cross-curricular topics/themes so that the children are able to make links more easily. These topics and themes change regularly in order to meet the needs of each cohort of children. Numeracy is often taught discreetly, unless it can be easily embedded into a topic or theme.


The teachers in Key Stage One try to choose topics/themes that will motivate and engage the children, but still cover all of the necessary curriculum objectives. This requires careful planning, both on the part of the individual teacher and the Key Stage One team. The teachers plan together regularly so that full coverage of the curriculum is ensured and that overlap is avoided. The teachers also try to ensure that over the course of the year, the children work through topics that are driven through different subjects. For example the children meet topics that are geography led, history led, science led etc. This ensures that there is a broad and balanced curriculum.


At the end of Year 1, the children complete a statutory Year 1 Phonics screening check. This is designed to confirm whether children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. It will identify the children who need extra help to improve their decoding skills. The outcome of this test is reported to parents. If the children do not achieve the pass mark, they will resit the test when they are in Year 2.


At the end of Key Stage One, the children complete Key Stage One SATs tests in reading, writing and numeracy. These are statutory tests, but teacher assessment is of paramount importance at all stages of the child’s education. It is statutory that the combined results of this test and assessment are shared with parents; this is usually in the July of pupils’ Year Two education.


Mrs A Evans is the Key Stage One Team Leader; she is happy to discuss any queries or concerns which you may have about Key Stage One.